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For ordinary days and for holidays.
Without preservatives and food additives!
We are pleased to welcome you on the website of the Anita guesthouse!
The Anita guesthouse is, in fact, a group of guesthouses, consisting of 3 independent houses, to which we will refer to as Anita, Enikő and the Cottage. The Anita guest-house was built in 2004; at first, it was only intended for personal purposes, but later we reached the conclusion that if we redesign it a little, we could make it suitable for the accommodation of guests. This provided us a great opportunity to get to know people, to link friendships.
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Decorative elements in the Anita guesthouse.
The uniqueness and the atmosphere of the furniture and of the decorative elements of the house is given by the Szekler woodcarving motifs, which are a result of the strenuous work that lasted several months of the carpenter Csíki Áron from Gheorgheni.
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