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For ordinary days and for holidays.
Without preservatives and food additives!
In the Anita guesthouse:
• 4 double rooms
• 1 room with six beds
Total capacity: 14 persons
In the Enikő guesthouse:
• 2 double rooms
• 2 rooms with three beds
• 1 room with four beds
Total capacity: 14 persons
In the Cottage:
• 1 double room
• 1 room with four beds
Total capacity: 6 persons
Total capacity of our guesthouses: 34 persons
"The world is a great book,
of which they that never stir
from home read only a page."
(St. Augustine of Hippo)
We are pleased to welcome you on the website of the Anita guesthouse!
Below you can read a few lines about the guesthouse and about us.

The Anita guesthouse is, in fact, a group of guesthouses, consisting of 3 independent houses, to which we will refer to as Anita, Enikő and the Cottage. The Anita guest-house was built in 2004; at first, it was only intended for personal purposes, but later we reached the conclusion that if we redesign it a little, we could make it suitable for the accommodation of guests. This provided us a great opportunity to get to know people, to link friendships.

When designing the houses, we tried to take into account our experiences from previous trips, gained in the course of several years, and thus avoiding things that we did not like as guests, which were uncomfortable, distressing for us in other lodging places.

The material used in 90% by the construction is pine wood, which is the most widespread construction material of the region, and the local Szekler homes have also been built out of this material over the centuries.

The Anita guesthouse has 5 rooms and a kitchen + living room, out of which 4 double rooms and a room with 6 beds. An essential accessory for today's requirements is the bathroom, found separately in each room.

The 6-bedded room was designed for large families, or for groups of friends, who do not wish to be separated during their shorter or longer vacations, not even at night. Based on our experiences thus far, we can state that those groups that were not truly excited about this at the beginning, enjoyed themselves the most here at the end, this was the place with the most laughter, jokes and joyfulness. In the room with 6 beds there are two twin beds facing to 2 single beds, which are separated from each other to a certain extent by the bathroom located in the middle.

The beds from the double rooms are of 90x200 cm, comfortable, and can easily be placed next to each other, forming a double bed, if desired, or used separately.

The living room has an area of 80 m², a part of it, separated by a bar-like counter, constitutes the kitchen, which is equipped with all the necessary accessories (microwave, coffeemaker, toaster, blender, deep fryer, etc…)

The uniqueness and the atmosphere of the furniture and of the decorative elements of the house is given by the Szekler woodcarving motifs, which are a result of the strenuous work that lasted several months of the carpenter Csíki Áron from Gheorgheni.

The Cottage was completed in 2007; it consists of 2 rooms (1 double room and 1 room with 4 beds) and 2 bathrooms. It can be rented separately or together with one of the other guesthouses.

The Enikő guesthouse was completed in the spring of 2009; it features 5 rooms (2 double rooms, 1 room with 4 beds, 2 rooms with 3 beds). It is at its guests' disposal with its own living room and a well equipped kitchen.
The group of houses is situated on a 7100 m² lot, which provides enough space for various outdoor activities.

I believe that by reading the above you were able to learn more about our guest houses, and thus, it will be easier for you to decide on making reservations for accommodation.

We are trying to keep the relationships with our guests on a friendly, familial basis, taking full account, of course, of the need of each guest in this respect. In the course of our activity thus far, we have managed to comply with the needs of those who wanted companionship, as well as of those who were seeking solitude.

With all this in mind, please have a look at our photo gallery.
Our prices can be found at our booking page.

We kindly invite everyone to our guesthouse with a rustic atmosphere!

The Bajkó family,
Enikő, László, respectively Anita and Lacika.

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